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Come take a 'Beauty-Break' where Nikki Does Hair and Semi Permanent Makeup.  Nikki is excited to work with you, to find your beauty with any of the many services. Nikki has been in the Professional Beauty Industry here, in Denver Colorado for over 30 years as a Professional Hair Stylist and Beauty Consultant. She is passionate about sharing her personalized, Coloring, Balayage and Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments; by using her expertise with all her clients. She holds a Colorado & California Cosmetology license. She is Professionally Certified in Permanent Makeup Techniques, Redken, Blondor & Kenra Coloring systems.

Now Premiering Semi-Permanent Makeup


Semi-Permanent  &  Permanent Makeup beauty enhancing treatment that has been sweeping the USA, Europe and Asia.

Nikki is continually educating herself and her clients by staying up to date on the most current hairstyles and treatments; as well as taking the product and innovative styling courses and certifications. She educates all her clients on their hair services and much-needed nutrients when considering the very harsh and dry climate we all experience here in Colorado. Thus, giving her clients an educated advantage on maintaining their new tamed or untamed locks. But always LUXURIOUS!

Prior to transplanting to beautiful Colorado, she trained and worked in Northern California doing hair for many years. Nikki also Graduate from The University of Colorado-Denver, where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Psychology & Business.

Her passion comes from within, when customizing using Beauty Techniques and flattering beauty enhancements. She has an eye for trend, detail and wants only the best for her clients. 


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Beauty Artist in Color, Balayage

& Semi-Permanent Makeup

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